Author Express- Teaser Episode- Just an Introduction

Author Express is your chance to discover the voice behind the pages. An opportunity to get to know the human side of writing as we visit with authors form a variety of genres. This teaser is meant to tell you more about our format and what we offer. We ask you to follow us and join our double entendre each Wednesday as we keep episodes close to fifteen minutes and glean an impressive amount from our writers.


We feel it is important to make our podcast transcripts available for accessibility. We use quality artificial intelligence tools to make it possible for us to provide this resource to our audience. We do have human eyes reviewing this, but they will rarely be 100% accurate. We appreciate your patience with the occasional errors you will find in our transcriptions. If you find an error in our transcription, or if you would like to use a quote, or verify what was said, please feel free to reach out to us at


[00:00:22] More importantly, we'll also let you get to know a little about the authors themselves. A chance to get a feel for the person who spent hours, weeks, months, and let's be honest, in most cases, years. Filling the pages and building a world you get to lose yourself in. Our gift is a quick glance into the human side of writing, perhaps a morsel about what led them to writing in the first place, what character they're the most attached to, or a little on the passion around their topic.


[00:01:04] It's our goal to connect you with authors from varying genres and styles of writing, and to keep in concert with our title by keeping them express so you can work them into your weekly routine.


[00:01:40] She's the author of A Song for the Road. I interview her early on in one of our episodes. So you'll get to know her a little better before you meet her as a host. You can catch us every week starting Wednesday, November 30th, and every Wednesday thereafter. And yes, we know it is the final day of NaNoWriMo, so we know that there won't be any writers listening on [00:02:00] November 30th.


Keep it interesting, but keep it express.

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